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JA-L05 Clear Floor Two Post Lift

4000kg Capacity / Above Ground Two Post Lift / Chain-Over / Electric Lock Release

The JA-L05 two post above ground lift is the perfect choice for those smaller commercial repair facilities or the “Mr. Homeowner” who demands the highest quality at the absolute best price. The 3605mm tall JA-L05 2 post hoist is a TRUE 4000kg capacity two post lift that offers a great value to the customer. It offers several benefits over the other popular 2 post lift, including a direct drive lift with a dual manual lock release and a better warranty.

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Economical, high quality, clear floor lifts with electric lock release, rubber door guards, steel pulleys, high strength equalization cables and double telescoping screw pads configured to accommodate the smallest cars to the SUVs and trucks.


    • Multiple-Protection Safe and Reliable
    • Chain Drive
    • Rubber Door Guards – Provides added security against door damage
    • Hose Guards – Protects hydraulic hoses from damage
    • Electric Lock Release – Electrical safety lock release system
    • Heavy-Duty Arm Restraint System – Oversize rugged steel gears, pins, and springs for trouble-free operation
    • Double Telescoping Screw Pads – Used with rubber pads offering adjustment for complete vehicle coverage
    • Standard Asymmetric – Lift installed with columns facing each other
    • Optional: Height limit switch
  • Optional: Safety valve for anti-explosion of hydraulic system

Our JA-05 Clear Floor Overhead Two Post Lift fits in garages with 12.5 ft ceilings and has a lifting height of 72″. With a 4000kg lifting capacity and a great price, this is the perfect lift for any shop or garage enthusiast by having both configurations of Symmetric and Asymmetric arms.

With standard features that include adjustable height, direct drive, powder coat finish, stackable rubber pads, and many other appealing features, the JA-05 Series Lift accommodates the most demanding lift requirements.

Lifting capacity

4000 kg

Min. height

110 mm

Max Lifting Height

1850 mm

Machine height

3605 mm

Machine width

3420 mm

Max. car width

2345 mm

Lifting time

≤45 s

Lowering time

≤45 s

Power supply

2.2 kw