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JA-B02 Self-Calibrating Computer Wheel Balancer

Self-Calibrating Computer / Built To Last / Entry-level Price Point / Space Saving Design

The JA-B02 baseLine entry-level model’s wheel balancer is designed for general service. Offers the capability of expanding your shop without breaking your budget. These products are a great place to start. They are entry-level machines that will service the majority of OE fitments. These durable machines are equipped with basic features, intended for low volume usage.

Product Meta

Built To Last / Entry-level Price Point / Space Saving Design

JA-B02 2D Wheel Balance is a motorized balancer at a great value that compliments any shop. The small footprint and lower rotational speed offer features even the most demanding operator will appreciate,  easy-to-read display and standard accessories complete this great package.


  • With self-calibration and self-diagnosis functions
  • Digital tube display, automatic measuring, allowing faster data input
  • Automatic distance and wheel diameter measuring, allowing faster data input
  • Adding tracking sticky balancing mode, special for high-class wheels uses stick-on weights only
  • Applicable to a variety of rims of steel and aluminum alloy structure

Professional auto shop performance in an affordable package. The JA-B02 Computer Wheel Balancer is a highly accurate & durable wheel balancing system that incorporates unbeatable standard features and multi-mode Vehicle Balancing Cars and motorcycles! The JA-B02 also incorporates an LED touch panel Keypad & Speed-Nut to provide fast & efficient wheel balancing, along with having the ability for Multi-User operation. The JA-B02 Wheel Balancers simply provide the best value at the best price!

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